Afghanistan and Biden: good keys to read.

Very good explanation by @ian bremmer, as usual.


Afghan children

BBC / Afghan children

In this case, on Biden’s decision to withdraw (now) from Afghanistan and the keys to read it from an American view.

Two Special ideas:
1. Concept of #multilateralism for US. You must read it.  Is it sustainable in years to come?
2. A decision for the American middle class (which should be executed smoothly).

Two questions-thoughts related to these ideas:

1.Is it sustainable in years to come?

2.Does a declining The Economist , Aug, 2021

American middle class have the right to continue to shape the global geopolitical debate?

A curiosity:

Note that the stock markets received this decision with increases (almost the peak) (and in 1975, the month after the image of the Saigon helicopter, the American stock market also rose, in that moment up to 4,4%).